The digital platform for
circular household economy

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Finance the clean energy transition with digital Impact Credits

Emerging is the digital platform that empowers the circular household economy. Manage your inventory and customers through a single interface. Capture the financial value of verified carbon emission reductions and social impacts in real-time.

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Scale market access

Clean cooking and renewable energy can be offered as a household utility, with sustainable business models and incentives.
Manage customers, inventory, mobile payments, suppliers and distributors.

dMRV measure, report, verify

Real-time dashboards show impacts and transactions that are cryptographically secure and private.
Connect metered devices to automated digital claim processing and impact verification, using AI and the ixo blockchain.

Offset and trade Impact Credits

Carbon credits and related impacts are directly tokenised to be used in offsets or traded through cross-chain exchanges and used in ReFi protocols to finance and incentivise the clean energy transition.
Self-certify your impacts, offsets and neutrality claims, with digital certification.

Grow the Emerging ecosystem

The household energy transition is just the beginning of an ecosystem of products and services that can grow local economies in regenerative and inclusive ways.
Participate in this growing ecosystem of innovative products specifically designed for emerging households.

Optimise outcomes

AI-powered advanced analytics brings together business intelligence, market intelligence, financial intelligence & impact Intelligence to spot opportunities, analyse trends & make decisions that will deliver compounding results.


SupaMoto NFTs

Inventory is pre-financed through the sale of NFTs that represent the rights to future CARBON tokenised credits that are generated through verified cookstove usage.


The Emerging Ecosystem

Web3 Internet of Impact

Manufacture & Distribution

AI and Analytics


Carbon Metaregistry


Plastics Recyling

Impacts Exchange

marketplace & DEX


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