The digital flywheel for  
scaling access to clean cooking

is emerging

Digital Twin Networks of modern energy cooking devices generate real-time Carbon Credits and ITMOs

Each device linked to the network gets a programmable digital twin that is created as an asset in the decentralised digital registry.
These digital assets are programmed with the rights to future Impact Credits that get generated in real-time, as the devices are used.
This provides a revolutionary digital flywheel for financing and distributing the economic value of verified carbon emission reductions and sustainability outcomes.

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Digitally certify Impacts in real-time

Data from sources such as PayGo fuel purchase transactions and device sensors gets fused into Digital Claims that are cryptographically signed and issued through Mission Control.
Claims are processed in real-time by a decentralised digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification (dMRV) verification service delivered by Impacts AI.This issues digital certificates that embed a graph of high-definition verified data.

Issue Impact Credits for Offsets

Carbon credits and related impacts are tokenised as tradable Outcome units that are backed by their digital certificates and verification proofs.
Digital Impact Credits may be used in offsets or traded through cross-chain exchanges and used in digital finance protocols to finance and incentivise the clean energy transition, with elegant distribution mechanisms to benefit all participants, including cookstove users.

Serve customers as a utility

Clean cooking can be offered as an energy utility, with sustainable business models and incentives. Our platform includes services for onboarding customers with digital credentials, processing payments, tracking deliveries, and providing customer support with the assistance of AI agents.

Optimise performance outcomes

AI-powered advanced analytics brings together business intelligence, market intelligence, financial intelligence & impact Intelligence to spot opportunities, analyse trends & make decisions that will deliver compounding results.

Add value within an ecosystem

Household energy transition is just the beginning of an ecosystem of products and services that can grow local economies in regenerative and inclusive ways.
Participate in this growing ecosystem of innovative digital finance products and services that are designed to meet the day-to-day needs of emerging households.


SupaMoto Niftys

Cookstoves are pre-financed through the sale of digital assets that represent the rights to future digitally certified CARBON credits and ITMOs based on verified fuel sales and usage.


The Emerging Ecosystem

IXO Internet of Impacts

ECS Manufacture & Financing

SupaMoto Pellet Manufacture and Local Distribution

Scalnyx Causal AI and Analytics

Impacts AI Oracles Platform

Etherisc Decentralized Insurance Protocol


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